Our Vision

Mission Statement

The Daily Mile Foundation aims to promote health and wellbeing, through partnerships with local organisations, governments and international implementation partners, to improve the physical, emotional and social health and wellbeing of all people – regardless of age, ability or personal circumstances.

Our Aims

The Foundation aims to get as many people living an active and healthy lifestyle as possible, through 15 minutes of daily physical activity.

In 2019, the Foundation reached a milestone of 10,000 nursery and primary schools signed up to The Daily Mile children’s initiative. This equates to over 2-million children participating in the programme every day. By encouraging children as young as two years old to participate in regular exercise, we aim to nurture a generation of healthy, happy children who appreciate exercise to be an integral, normal part of everyday life.

The Daily Mile programme was developed to normalise physical activity to ensure healthy lifestyle habits are developed, and passed down to future generations, relieving healthcare systems all over the globe.

To ensure The Daily Mile initiative is truly cross sectional, and cross generational, in 2017 the Foundation developed The Daily Mile Fit For Life – a brand aimed at those beyond primary schools in colleges, secure settings, retirement, and many more environments. TheĀ Fit For Life initiative allows families to participate together, workplaces to alter their lifestyle and culture, and encourages everyone, no matter who you are or what you do, to get out during your day and do 15 minutes of physical activity.

The Daily Mile Foundation would like to thank all those who are involved in The Daily Mile programme, and are getting #FitForLife.


The Daily Mile is simple, free and sustainable - we want to provide a programme where everyone can get #FitForLife!