The Daily Mile Foundation's Expert Steering Group

The Daily Mile Foundation, supported by INEOS, are proudly partnered with Imperial College London (ICL) to chair their Expert Steering Group (ESG).

The Foundation have a collaborative agreement with ICL, which includes a three-year extensive research project on The Daily Mile initiative. Dr Sonia Saxena, Professor of Primary Care of the Imperial College School of Public Health is the principal investigator, supported by a team of researchers.

Over recent years, there have been several studies evaluating The Daily Mile. However, these have all used differing research metrics and thus comparison of results or using data to evaluate long term impact is difficult. Additionally, the long-term cost effectiveness of The Daily Mile and the ethnic, socioeconomic and geographical profiles of children participating is currently unknown.

Imperial College, with the support of the Foundation therefore aim primarily to evaluate whether The Daily Mile is a cost-effective method of improving primary age children’s physical, social and emotional health and wellbeing in the medium (5 years) and long term (adulthood). Secondary aims include an assessment of feasibility, acceptability and sustainability of the initiative. An expert steering committee (The Daily Mile Foundation Expert Steering Group), comprised of researchers from universities worldwide, will provide governance for the study and encourage collaboration of data to produce the first large scale assessment of the potential impact of The Daily Mile.


For more information on the Research that has already been conducted on The Daily Mile initiative, please click here.